Cypress Leyland removal Whangarei

Cypress Leyland removal in Whangarei

The Leyland Cypress, is a coniferous evergreen tree mostly used for hedges, they grow fast and thicken to create a nice wall for a privacy hedge.

The best time to prune your Leyland Cypress trees is in the early spring, I have saw this trees do not like to be pruning hard they often died so the best is to keep trimming your Cypress Leyland hedge once or twice a year. I have been pruning, trimming Cypress Leyland hedges over 10 years here in Whangarei also I have done several jobs of completely removal Cypress Leyland trees because they have grow to big and shade the house or they  died  because of common disease problems like Seiridium and Botryosphaeria canker witch is the most damaging disease on this trees. Cankers problem can be see in those trees with dead twigs and branches reddish – brown color and extensive resin exudation on the affected branches.

I do always sterilize my chainsaw bar and hedge trimmers after working with Cypress Leyland with the disease to stop spreading canker disease into others healthy trees.

Whangarei Tree Services provide hedge trimming and tree removal in Whangarei area, free quote, fully insured, in Whangarei since 2009, more than 19 years experience.

As an owner operated business I will provide top quality at competitive price.
More than 19 years experienced. ( in Whangarei since 2009.)

Prompt, very reliable and competitive.
Fully insured, public liability cover for your peace of mind.

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