Phoenix Palm

Phoenix palm tree specialist

To trim a Phoenix palm tree required skill, expertise and experience and we have all of them with more than 19 years and servicing Whangarei since 2009
Talking about Pruning the palms trees not all of them need to be pruning some Palms are self cleaning but others  palm like Livistona, Washingtonia, Sabal, Borassus, Hyphanae, Cocothrinax, Thrinax and Phoenix  are not self cleaning and pruning is required.

If you have a Phoenix palm in your property be careful because Phoenix palm, have a possible health risk if you get injured with the spikes extremely sharp and toxic which cause inflammation and swelling, a lot of pain and long time to heal the affected area causing a pain like arthritis in the joins and tendons.

When working with Phoenix palms always use personal protective equipment, eye protection working glasses, thick gloves, also cover your arms, the thorns are so strong one time puncture the tyre of my chipper so is a good idea to get a professional to pruning or removal your Phoenix palm.

If you are looking for someone to take care of your palm trees you have found the right people just call us for your free no obligation quote.