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All shapes and sizes, we are experts palm tree services, we cut them, trim them, we prune them, we specialize in palm trees. Queen, Phoenix (date), Nikau, and more. Look at our image gallery to sample some of the many palm tree jobs we have done so far.

To trim a palm tree required skill, expertise and experience and we have all of them with more than 19 years and servicing Whangarei since 2009
Talking about Pruning the palms trees not all of them need to be pruning some Palms are self cleaning but others  palm like Livistona, Washingtonia, Sabal, Borassus, Hyphanae, Cocothrinax, Thrinax and Phoenix  are not self cleaning and pruning is required.

If you are looking for someone to take care of your palm trees you have found the right people just call us for your free no obligation quote


This Fan Palm tree was to close to the swimming pool, and owners where worried about the roots will break the wall of the swimming pool, so they call us and problem solved.


Spikeless palm climbing is the best method to climb a palm tree when required to be trimming. Tree gaffs, spike or spurs will damage, puncturing into the palm and eventually cause disease, reduces the strength and the lifespan or possible death of the palm tree.  We got the spikeless platform to trim your palms without damaging the trunk give us a phone call for a professional services here in Whangarei.















Mexican Fan Palm Tree Washingtonia robusta





Bangalow palm tree



palm removed was touching the roof



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Trimming removing all the dead leaf from this 2 Mexican fan palm.





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